Machinery and equipment for agricultural and forestry work

It’s hard to imagine what Francesco Sanzanni thought about his future in 1966 when he began his business adventure. We believe there was a dream behind his daily hard work, which could not even guess what he would build. A business development and company course led and managed to be shared with everyone: family, co-operators, staff and social structure. Thus today a close-knit family group is leading an internationally renowned company, sharing the same ideals: enthusiasm for its own work, sacrifice, open and fair dialogue with the entire company.

Osma employees are aware of being part of something special. Osma is not just a single person, a name or a group of technicians. Osma is the sum of its resources: a company structured and identifiable with its human power. Assumption of responsibility, role, decision-making capacity, determination, vigour and enthusiasm: that’s what is offered to everyone. It’s exacting, but this is the most tangible way to respond to those who demand technology and to those who believe in a Osma company projected into the future. Employees working and having worked in Osma are aware of being part of a real time history, of a fifty years ongoing challenge which has yet to experience its best and most intense aspects. This publication is not intended to show our machinery technical and specific features or the acknowledged quality and reliability of Osma machines all over the world, but it aims at introducing people staying behind the daily work: the sales, designing and production core of the group which contributes with devotion to consolidate Osma as a leading manufacturer of machines and plants for forestry and agricoltural works.