Forest Line




5,0 - 9,0 TON


50 - 70 lt/min


⌀ max 15 cm


Midi-forestry mulcher for cutting grass, buses, branches, dense vegetation and small trees. Suitable on mini-excavator from 5,0 to 9,0 tons, with maximum power of 80hp, It can also fi tted on boom mowers with piston pumps system. Max. cutting diameter 15cm.


Steel unpainted under plate, to build the hitch excavator bracket, Cobra fi xed knife with DCR limiter system on rotor, transmission with nr. 3 belts drive. Piston motor size available are 25 or 34cc. Every hydraulic motor is equipped with a special OSMA main valve with 3 Function, called 3F, By-pass (anticavitation), antischock (regulated at 300 bar) and oil fl ow regulation. Pre-setted at factory according to the size piston motor fi tted on. Every Piston motor can be used without the drain port connection, but it must specifi ed at the order, if the excavator hasn’t the drain line system on it. Frontal hydraulic door.

Technical information
ModelCode Cutting wide cm.Exterior width cm. Weight kg. Excavator weigh ton. Flow rate lt/min Pressure set bar Tooth nr. Rotor diam. mm Tool tip cutting mm
TFXL – C 80 645080 80 95 465 5,0 – 8,0 50 – 55 230 – 250 18 245 420
TFXL – C 100 645100 100 115 520 6,0 – 9,0 65 – 70 230 – 250 22 245 420

COBRA Sharptooth 180° reversible (2 sides) for grass and dense vegetation DCR rotor with disc limiter


Excavator hitch bracket

Adjustable rear roller, for boom mowers application

SAUER VM 45 variable displacement hydr. Motor

POWER kit, that include 47cc xed piston motor e 4 belts pulley drive (for excavators with oil ow more than 85 lts)

Valve Electro-hydraulic with cable into the cabin for the door cylinder control

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